Twitter, ducks and social leadership

Musings of a Twitter toddler- week one

Following the urging and encouragement of my shipmates on the Social Safari. I’ve just twittered or tweeted my 2nd tweet. At least I think I have.   First I was a green egg and then I seemed to be an orange egg as well. So already I have a split personality and I haven’t actually said anything yet.

Somehow I’m following 27 people and even more scarily, I have 7 followers. I feel like a mother duck – it’s all that egg imagery.   I also feel so responsible. If I have followers – where the heck am I taking them? And where am I going following all these other people?

Get over yourself – they’re grown ups- not ducklings

Ok. So they’re not going to follow me unless I give them reason to do so and they can stop following me any time they want.   Well I’m not going to follow them either unless they engage me and give me reason to do so – so there mwhahhhh.

Bear with me, I know you’ve probably worked all this out already, but I am a toddler remember.

So, squaring shoulders and adopting a more adult tone, it strikes me this is exactly how leadership is in the social age. It has become something that has to be chosen and then earned, not just bestowed by hierarchy or by appointment. In this new–to- me Twitter community I’ve read lots and I’ll listen and explore further if something really grips me and is relevant, timely and interesting. I may even get involved with discussions if they didn’t appear and disappear so fast.

But so far, I’m just watching and considering with a relatively open mind. I haven’t chosen to engage yet, let alone step up and lead anyone. Extend this thinking and you can apply it to how so many employees feel about engagement in any organisation.

Yet – here I am posting this – which will make it tweet 3. Fluffy head emerging cautiously………?