Professional advisor coaching

 Professional advisor coaching

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”
Pablo Picasso

deckcharis2Lawyers, accountants, marketers, communicators, HR experts and other professionals have developed a high level of technical proficiency in their field. Often the next phase in their career development calls for them to become a trusted business partner to their clients.

This transition involves building a new, more equal partnership with their client and demands a new set of skills. They need to ask the right questions, know how and when to challenge and have a deep understanding of their client’s needs so they can offer the right solutions.

How professional advisor coaching works

I coach professionals who are taking the step up from practitioner to partner and those who want help with specific challenges.

I help clients build their confidence and credibility as trusted advisors. I also help them develop and practise the skills required in the new role. In particular, we’ll work on understanding the dynamics of working with clients and their expectations.

 Professional advisor coaching case studies

Typical professional advisor coaching applications

  • Developing  confidence and credibility with clients
  • Adding consultancy and coaching to technical proficiency
  • Knowing when to facilitate and when to be the ‘expert’
  • Identifying and developing strategic opportunities.