Executive coaching

 Executive coaching

“I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.”
Abraham Lincoln

goldfishExecutive coaching is a powerful way to help people break through to new levels of performance and find fulfilment at work.

Whether it’s gearing up for a big new job, overcoming a tough workplace challenge or embarking on a life-changing career transition, I coach ambitious leaders, managers and professionals to get the results they want.

Often, the task boils down to helping people be more of themselves in the workplace. Authenticity is the key to high performance and wellbeing in all domains of life. When we find the courage to embody who we are and what’s important to us, we can discover previously untapped energy, confidence and creativity – and the priceless quality of relational presence that we need to influence and inspire others.

I provide executive coaching to directors and senior managers of companies and public-sector organisations, senior civil servants and partners in professional services firms. I also work with rising stars on their way to top jobs in fields such as HR and corporate communications.

Why executive coaching?

Unlike a conventional training course, coaching is responsive to the unique needs of each individual client and can be accessed in short, focused sessions that can be spread over an extended period. The result? Maximum impact and efficiency.

Delivering for the organisation

While I sometimes deliver executive coaching via direct engagement with individuals, most often I’m commissioned by organisations to coach their leaders and senior managers. This creates a three-way contract in which my role is to deliver value for my coaching client as well as for the organisation making the investment.

 How executive coaching works

What executive coaching can do for you

  • Know yourself better – your values, talents, goals and needs as well as your areas for development
  • Up your performance by tapping your strengths and most resourceful states
  • Make a bigger impact – at senior levels and across the organisation
  • Understand and influence others so you can help them thrive and perform at their best
  • Tackle a demanding challenge, difficult interpersonal dynamic or performance block
  • Discover new energy and passion, release creativity, generate greater self-belief
  • Find fulfilment in your work