Trouble-shooter learns to lead

  Trouble-shooter learns to lead

Leadership coaching for director of property development firm

I was engaged by the chairman of the company to support a newly promoted divisional director. His experience as roving ‘trouble-shooter’ on failing projects did not equip him to lead a division operating from a more stable position. Staff and peers simply did not see him as a credible leader.

The client was stressed and starting to doubt his own capabilities and, as a result, was becoming overly controlling with his staff. Financial performance in the division was on the slide and he was considering leaving.

Over three months and six coaching sessions, I helped him understand his role as leader and learn how to motivate, trust and delegate to his team rather than trying to control and know everything. His confidence increased and he was able to value his own talents as well as accept where he needed help.

Over time, he became a far more effective and collaborative leader. The division’s performance recovered.

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