Pioneer prepares to leave legacy

  Pioneer prepares to leave legacy

Leadership coaching for senior civil servant

My client had just taken on a senior role in his government department. He felt that the organisation lacked clarity on its direction and that there was a culture of non-accountability. He saw himself stepping up as a ‘pioneer’ to change things.

His aim was to leave a legacy – a role that others could step into easily and was seen as manageable and valuable to both staff and customers. He also wanted to be clearly seen to lead change. He turned to coaching as he felt he was too far from his goals and tended to get too caught up in day-to-day demands and was unable to sit back, reflect and think more strategically.

I first helped him to elaborate his goals and paint a compelling picture of success. We then identified the milestones that would help him get there and, through coaching sessions every few weeks that are still ongoing, I am helping him rise to challenges he faces on the way.

The client’s achievements to date include being able to delegate significant areas of work, encouraging and supporting his staff to take responsibility and setting up a group of change activists who share his beliefs and can model the culture they want to create. Along the way, he has made significant changes in his own beliefs, assumptions and behaviours.

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