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Executive coaching is a powerful way to help people break through to new levels of performance and find fulfilment at work. Whether it’s gearing up for a big new job, overcoming a tough workplace challenge or embarking on a life-changing career transition, I coach ambitious leaders and professionals to get the results they want

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Presenting authentically

You’ve heard them telling you about the latest change initiative, the strategy and general disruption to your life. The slides are bright shiny, powerful and professional, full of facts and figures and rational arguments for change. Trust us they say – we’ll lead you through this and things will be better, brighter.. But you don’t… […]


Trusting leaders with communication

With monotonous regularity, employee engagement surveys tell us that leader communication remains the area of greatest dissatisfaction and an impediment to motivation and trust. So what is going wrong when we seem to be doing more than ever inside our organisations? We’ve become good at providing new and exciting opportunities for leaders to use social […]


Twitter, ducks and social leadership

Musings of a Twitter toddler- week one Following the urging and encouragement of my shipmates on the Social Safari. https://thelearningconference.wordpress.com/ I’ve just twittered or tweeted my 2nd tweet. At least I think I have.   First I was a green egg and then I seemed to be an orange egg as well. So already I have […]